cover-titled-leftUniversal Mobile Photo Upload Conversion Made Easy!

Our Free Guide to Get the Entire Campus On Board

When the entire campus signs on, an online photo upload application makes life an absolute breeze. Students love how easy it is. Staff wonder how they ever survived without it.

But when you rollout the new application, what if the response is crickets?

Those long lines aren’t going away. Your staff still doesn’t get their break. You don’t end up saving resources or much money.

Our Free Guide Makes It Easy

Don’t worry. We have the perfect solution for universal conversion. Our FREE GUIDE, “10 Unbeatable Ways to Get Students Loving Your Photo Application,” makes it easy to get students on board. 


 Our handy guide explains:

  • How to spread the word via music platforms like Spotify, Pandora.
  • The benefits of offering free campus merch and digital discounts.
  • How to sponsor campus events and parties as promotional tools.
  • & more!

Spread the love for your new technology with these simple easy steps that can’t miss.

Download our FREE GUIDE today!

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